Truth and History about Pit Bulls

Thank you, thank you, Kenn Bell – you are a Beautiful Pit Bull!



Chihuahua guards his pit bull

The news tends to focus on horrible stories about dogs attacking other dogs but the truth is there are far many more dogs – of all breeds – who get along just fine with one another.

This is a heart-warming story about a little Chihuahua boy who took the front line to stand by his pit bull girl.  Reminds me of my Jindo girl, who always had to fight for my own little pit bull boy because he refused to protect himself.

Another Beautiful Pit Bull, and we’ll give this brave little Chihuahua the privilege of being an Honorary Beautiful Pit Bull. ūüôā


This is a puppy-wup that just came into Berkeley Animal Care…

…and this is the foster girl I fell in love with a year ago! ¬†Could it be her grand-daughter? ¬†Little mini-me, and two very Beautiful Pit Bulls ūüôā

O, Oprah…

One of my favorite Beautiful Pit Bulls, Hector the former Vick Dog (now a pampered breed ambassador rescued by Roo Yori ) almost made it on the Oprah show:

Oprah Winfrey has a magical touch with the general American female public. ¬†If she told Hector’s story it would have been a truly amazing step forward in repairing the damage being done to bully breeds.

(Sigh) But if there is any good coming out of this story, it is the encouragement we can feel knowing that Oprah even considered doing a pit bull story.  She is no lover of bullies, and the fact that their ability to overcome incredible odds came to her attention and warranted consideration for her show at all, shows that all the hard work bully advocates are doing is having an impact.

We have to keep fighting the good fight, the only fight these dogs should be in:  to get them back into the hands of people who know them as the superior and loving creatures they are.

Oprah, do yourself a favor and get to know a pit bull – they share your obstinate ability to shine beautifully past tragedy and heartbreak, and to bring light into others’ lives in spite of their own wounded souls!

Parade Magazine, I am pleasantly surprised!

A short while ago, Parade published a very nice story following up on the Vick dogs and how most of them turned out to be fantastic characters in spite of being bred and trained to fight.

Now they have posted a Top 5 Pit Bull Myths list that refutes some of the outlandish things people believe about the breeds.

Thanks, Parade!

Note: ¬†as an advocate of common sense, I believe that anyone with a logical mind would understand that blanket generalizations (all Asians are smart; all Black people are criminals; all Mexicans are stupid; all pit bulls are vicious) about anything are incorrect and based more on the discriminator’s personal issues than truth.

If you are one of those people who think eradicating all bully breeds is an answer to dog bites, I would advise looking into your own psyche. ¬† Are you allowing the emotions from a personal experience to color your objectivity? ¬†Do you just feel a need to lash out at something to feel better about other issues in your life over which you feel powerless? ¬†Are you basing your “knowledge” on information you’ve gleaned from news stories? ¬†Whatever your reason, I hope you understand that this type of mindset is what led to atrocities like the Holocaust, and the Eastern European genocides.

Grace under fire

This is “Louis Vuitton,” a young pit bull who was burned and beaten with a shovel in 2007 when a 20 year old man was denied permission to borrow the family car. ¬†

See Louis’ dramatic story and happy ending on video:

Louis now lives with two dachshunds and a little girl.  Louis is a Beautiful Pit Bull.

Half a head, infinite inspiration

When I first saw this photo some time ago on the web I thought it was a photoshop project that seemed odd at best, and cruel.

If only Adobe had been the culprit; the truth is so much worse.  I found out today that this dog is real, and half his head really is missing.  His past is unspeakable; the love and courage he and his rescuers possess, redefine redemption and hope.

Oogy is a Beautiful Pit Bull.  His whole story comes out October 12. (I hope his people have learned through Oogy that Dogos, pit bulls and other bully breeds are all ultimately victims of human cruelty.)