Things I Remember


He hid in a closet for hours to lobby for a “little sister” (because he was so unhappy without her, we ended up adopting the homeless little Jindo my aunt had planned to take in).

He was always very conscious of hurting people. Once his tooth caught my foot as I kicked a ball and he went to grab it simultaneously. He immediately stopped playing, with a shocked look on his face, and sat quietly by me until he knew I was okay.

If he thought he had been naughty he would “punish” himself by sitting in the bathroom (that was his time-out room).

He would mutilate spools of thread and cardboard boxes mercilessly but he never touched my shoes or clothing, even as a tiny puppy.

He was kidnapped at 6 months, then returned after 3 days when we posted reward flyers all over town.

He constantly jumped 5 feet in the air to give you a big sloppy kiss right on the mouth.

He loved making “naked” tennis balls by plucking off all the fuzz. He chased the resulting rubber balls with great joy.

Because of him I know what is at the core of a golf ball, tennis ball, baseball, softball, football…

He once tried to steal his “sister’s” stuffed bear by hatching an elaborate overnight plan (he was not allowed to have stuffed animals b/c first they’d become eyeless, then they’d be rags with no stuffing, within hours).

If you sat on the floor he would immediately plop himself into your lap.

He never fought other dogs, even if attacked.  He never harmed any living thing – oh, no, there was that time he swatted a bee.

He loved to execute a full mid-air spin while catching a ball thrown to him. He would do this for children until he was completely exhausted.

He did not make any noise at all for weeks as a puppy, so I thought he was mute at first.

He admired himself in mirrors.

He was very afraid of my brother’s cockatiel.

He loved playing hide and seek in the basement, and would splay out in pretend “surprise” when you popped out. He always found me.

He would happily throw small trees into the air with his nose until it was scraped, ugh.

He had to have his head under the front passengers armpit when riding in a car.

He was terrified of the automatic car wash.

If he wanted something badly and did not get it, he would pout by sticking out his bottom lip and staring until you gave in.

He could say “Mom,” and once  he clearly warbled, “I dunno,” in reply to a question.

One time, I was sneaking up to annoy him as he napped and he opened one eye, saw me, closed it quickly and let out a HUGE fake snore.

He broke my heart when he died.



About beautifulpitbulls
This blog is dedicated to the responsible and loving people who see beyond stigma and myth, and have thus enriched themselves with the purest of love from these so-called "dreaded pit bulls."

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  1. wonker says:

    Interesting blog, I’ll try and spread the word.

  2. Jackie says:


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