The Tolerant Pit Bull


Pit bulls are naturally amiable dogs that have a high tolerance for the things people do to them.  This is one of the reasons ignorant and sick people take that good nature and thwart it to twist a sweet, loving dog into a fighter.  Pit bulls would rather sit in your lap or chase a tennis ball for hours than be in a fighting pit.  It is a shame to even have to make that statement but I say it because so many people erroneously believe these dogs love fighting.  Would you love having to fight someone to the death or risk being electrocuted, lynched or slammed to the ground?

(By the way, the one in this picture is just getting a bath, which he characteristically tolerated very well 🙂


About beautifulpitbulls
This blog is dedicated to the responsible and loving people who see beyond stigma and myth, and have thus enriched themselves with the purest of love from these so-called "dreaded pit bulls."

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