Beautiful pit bull people

Rescue Ink 

San Francisco Pride Parade, courtesy of BADRAP

Photo courtesy of Rob McNicholas


If you’ve ever been judged for one aspect of your character (maybe one you had no control whatsoever over ) be it race, sexual orientation or inability to be anything other than who you are  – you might be one of “those people.”

The “pit bull people.”  

No, not the dogfighters or twisted sociopaths or machismo types in need of glorified violence to make up for lack of true self confidence.

I’m talking about compassionate people who have been hurt, discounted, broken and thrown aside by the “good people” of society.

We don’t worry about looking stylish enough to please others.  We don’t dream of ten bedroom McMansions.  We don’t get our jollies talking about the health of our portfolios investing in big corporations.

We know how it feels to be beaten, hated without reason, and crawl through glass and rubble to come out with smiles and still some love in our hearts, especially for those who can’t fight back.

We’ve seen the ugly side.  We’ve been scarred by it.  And we’re still standing.

Maybe that’s why we love pit bulls so much.


About beautifulpitbulls
This blog is dedicated to the responsible and loving people who see beyond stigma and myth, and have thus enriched themselves with the purest of love from these so-called "dreaded pit bulls."

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