People say pit bulls are stupid, useless, mean from birth and even bad at sports.  They say these dogs have no value and you’d be better off with another breed, any other breed.  That the world would face no loss without them.

Yes, many other breeds do wonderful work.  There is no denying that dogs of all breeds contribute greatly to human life.

What sets the pit bull apart is that no other breed in history has been as misused, mistreated and misunderstood, yet still come through as sports champions, therapy dogs, civil servants and family pets.  Their courage during torture, resilience and unceasing ability to spread love under the worst of circumstances, is an inspiration beyond value.

The former Vick dogs are Beautiful Pit Bulls.


About beautifulpitbulls
This blog is dedicated to the responsible and loving people who see beyond stigma and myth, and have thus enriched themselves with the purest of love from these so-called "dreaded pit bulls."

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