Part pit bull, part rabbit?

This is Blanca, a shy but adorable and sweet pit bull mix (maybe part French bulldog, from those ears!) who was also adopted from a shelter.   She gets along well with other dogs too.


About beautifulpitbulls
This blog is dedicated to the responsible and loving people who see beyond stigma and myth, and have thus enriched themselves with the purest of love from these so-called "dreaded pit bulls."

4 Responses to Part pit bull, part rabbit?

  1. Joanna says:

    I have a male pit mix who looks exactly like Blanca except he has pink nose.
    It’s so crazy on how similar they look!

  2. Amy says:

    I also have a pit mix that could be Blanca’s twin!!! It is AMAZING!! I wish I could attach a picture of our Layla!! Everyone comments on how beautiful she is and how awesome her ears are. 🙂 I’m sure Blanca gets the same compliments!

  3. Dhawk says:

    Definitely looks part staffordshire my bluenose female looks identical same ears and white marks beautiful dog and they are very rare to see

  4. beautifulpitbulls says:

    We’ve got 3 Blanca twins, wow how nice to see there are more beauties out there like her! See how gorgeous mixed breeds can be!

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