Stupid people + salacious media + lynch mentality = pit bull hysteria

People who hate pit bulls love to point out, “if pit bulls aren’t so dangerous why are they the only breeds that are always on the news for killing people?”

1. Using the words “pit bull attack” in a news story is a guaranteed click hit that will generate a comment war between breed advocates and haters – a media marketing wet dream.  Check out this interesting research from the BADRAP blog, done on dog attack reporting:

2.  The term “pit bull” is a vague nomer used to describe a plethora of different dog breeds

3.  Pit bulls are the #1 choice for people who want to lend truth to the vicious dog myths they’ve heard and read about in the news.  That says nothing about a breed’s inherent nature – any breed of dog can be used in the manner man dictates, for good or ill.

I argue tirelessly for common sense because I was a pit bull hater.

In 1995, I thought pit bulls were vicious, dangerous dogs.  I thought their brains outgrew their skull capacity, causing them to snap without warning.

So when my ditzy cousin brought home a pit bull she had purchased (!) in Brooklyn from a man who bred champion fighting lines (!!!) I prepared myself for death and mayhem.  I thought she was insane to bring such an unpredictable, horrible animal into my home.

Eight years later I found that I had become one of those annoying people chanting, “it’s the deed, not the breed.”

I’ve been bitten by a dalmation and a jindo (but I don’t think we should kill all dalmations and Jindos).  When I worked at a shelter, the one dog that bit a visitor was a black lab, although most of the dogs there were pit bulls.  The most feared dog in my neighborhood was a springer spaniel.  When my pit bull died, he received more flowers, cards and sympathy than I have seen for some human beings.

I don’t think all pit bulls are angels.  I do try to speak from what I know and have personally experienced.  That is one thing my own pit bull taught me, starting in 1995.  Since then I have made it a point to be near and around pit bulls more than any other breed.  This personal experience has led me to conclude that pit bulls need our help, not our hate.

When we see a “pit bull attack” story we need to see the entire story, not just the words “pit bull.”  Even the most cursory research reveals so often that the dog in question belonged to someone who was involved in some nefarious criminal activity, was abusive, or completely without common sense.  Simple math would show that the type of people involved in “pit bull attack” stories are the ones most likely to get in trouble with or neglect their animals, no matter the breed.

If we succeed in exterminating every single dog that might be a pit bull, what breed will be our next Frankenstein?  On whom will we pour gasoline, who will we lynch in playgrounds, torture into aggressive behavior, push into destructive situations and then sit back and blame the animal that is under our stewardship?

When are we going to drop the blind rage and face the bigger problem that is creating a society that not only wants its monsters but needs and creates them so it doesn’t have to think about how to educate its people, instill compassion, lift them out of poverty and desperation and desire for an easy dollar at the expense of a helpless life?


About beautifulpitbulls
This blog is dedicated to the responsible and loving people who see beyond stigma and myth, and have thus enriched themselves with the purest of love from these so-called "dreaded pit bulls."

One Response to Stupid people + salacious media + lynch mentality = pit bull hysteria

  1. jerseygyrl says:

    Hi cutie pie, you have a great parent! To your parent… I have been trying to help rescue pit bulls online by sharing posts, donating and emailing many rescues to help save them. Most of which are over 2,000 miles away in NYC due to their sick ban. We don’t save them all but we are making progress… I can’t believe how many are being disposed of daily and they do not discriminate against age. Newborn to elderly! Pits are not born aggressive – their natural demeanor is as soft as a Lab. They are abused and beaten and tortured into being aggressive. Thank you for writing something positive about Pit Bulls online. I find so many facts about all the bad things Pits do but they never preface them with the fact the people are responsible for trying to turn them into monsters. If they exterminate all Pit Bulls, another breed will be used by the dog fighters and the cycle will continue. The goal is to ban people from abusing the Pits and break up dog fighting rings. Sad what the almighty dollar can convince people to do….

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