Parade Magazine, I am pleasantly surprised!

A short while ago, Parade published a very nice story following up on the Vick dogs and how most of them turned out to be fantastic characters in spite of being bred and trained to fight.

Now they have posted a Top 5 Pit Bull Myths list that refutes some of the outlandish things people believe about the breeds.

Thanks, Parade!

Note:  as an advocate of common sense, I believe that anyone with a logical mind would understand that blanket generalizations (all Asians are smart; all Black people are criminals; all Mexicans are stupid; all pit bulls are vicious) about anything are incorrect and based more on the discriminator’s personal issues than truth.

If you are one of those people who think eradicating all bully breeds is an answer to dog bites, I would advise looking into your own psyche.   Are you allowing the emotions from a personal experience to color your objectivity?  Do you just feel a need to lash out at something to feel better about other issues in your life over which you feel powerless?  Are you basing your “knowledge” on information you’ve gleaned from news stories?  Whatever your reason, I hope you understand that this type of mindset is what led to atrocities like the Holocaust, and the Eastern European genocides.


About beautifulpitbulls
This blog is dedicated to the responsible and loving people who see beyond stigma and myth, and have thus enriched themselves with the purest of love from these so-called "dreaded pit bulls."

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