O, Oprah…

One of my favorite Beautiful Pit Bulls, Hector the former Vick Dog (now a pampered breed ambassador rescued by Roo Yori http://www.pitbullunited.blogspot.com/ ) almost made it on the Oprah show: http://badrap-blog.blogspot.com/2010/09/dissed-by-talk-show-diva-big-o.html

Oprah Winfrey has a magical touch with the general American female public.  If she told Hector’s story it would have been a truly amazing step forward in repairing the damage being done to bully breeds.

(Sigh) But if there is any good coming out of this story, it is the encouragement we can feel knowing that Oprah even considered doing a pit bull story.  She is no lover of bullies, and the fact that their ability to overcome incredible odds came to her attention and warranted consideration for her show at all, shows that all the hard work bully advocates are doing is having an impact.

We have to keep fighting the good fight, the only fight these dogs should be in:  to get them back into the hands of people who know them as the superior and loving creatures they are.

Oprah, do yourself a favor and get to know a pit bull – they share your obstinate ability to shine beautifully past tragedy and heartbreak, and to bring light into others’ lives in spite of their own wounded souls!